Get an attractive yield by lending to established growing companies

Our Investors provided loan funding to Great British Botanical, a manufacturer of premium greenhouses.


Lending offers a lower-risk route to private companies with the benefit of a fixed exit date. Our programme of lending offers attractive yields of 10% to 12% per annum. Some loans offer the opportunity to benefit from growth in the value of the borrower’s business, with the potential to pay out a bonus of around 40% of the loan amount.

If you have money on deposit, cash in a SIPP or in Cash ISAs, you can use this to build a diverse portfolio of loans with a target return of 12% to 15% per annum. Lending to private companies puts capital at risk and is an illiquid investment, whereas cash deposits do not usually place a customer’s capital at risk.


Our approach

Rockpool’s specialist team source prime lending opportunities from well-managed private companies requiring £2m to £10m of loan finance. Borrowers are required to show annual profits of at least two times their interest outgoings and have a strong capital base or be able to provide significant alternative security.


Routes to lending

Loans can be made through the Rockpool Innovative Finance ISA and the Rockpool SIPP. Lending to private companies also offers company owners a simple, low-cost route to inheritance tax mitigation. 

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Risk warning

Lending to private companies may not be suitable for you and your capital will  be at risk. This sort of investment does not provide a reliable source of income and you may not be able realise your capital when you wish to. 
The tax benefits of investing in private companies depend on your personal circumstances, on the circumstances of each company and on rules and regulations. All of these could change, removing tax benefits you expected to enjoy.

Key benefits


A strong security structure, including a full debenture, must be in place before we lend to any borrower.


Loans pay 10% to 12% interest p.a. and most loans come with a share in any growth.


Build a diverse loan portfolio using our AutoSelect or SelfSelect service.


A transformer in action

NCE maintains mission-critical IT servers and data storage systems. Rockpool investors lent £4.6 million at an interest rate of 8% with a 5-year term. Security was in the form of debentures over all assets of the group.

The loan was repaid after two years and lenders benefited from equity share options giving a total return of £1.43 per £1 invested.


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