Lend to private companies for attractive yields

Our Investors provided loan funding to support Mecsia Group, a leading national supplier of technical engineering services

Why use Rockpool’s Private Debt Portfolio Service?

If you have money on deposit, cash in a SIPP, or a traditional portfolio of funds, shares and bonds, you may be suffering from poor returns. Lending to private companies offers an alternative medium-term investment with a fixed exit date and higher target returns.

We source a flow of lending opportunities to well-managed private companies requiring £2-10m of loan finance. Interest rates on the loans range from 10% to 12% per annum. 

Lending to private companies puts capital at risk and is an illiquid investment, whereas cash deposits do not usually place capital at risk. Lending to private companies may not be suitable for you and this sort of investment does not provide a reliable source of income.





We negotiate the best terms for investors and arrange for interest payments to be made to your nominated account. We report regularly on the progress of each borrower and provide online access to your account with a full history of all payments.


Your funds will be automatically allocated to loan opportunities as they become available, taking into account the amount of your application and the diversity you choose. Our service offers sector diversity and a mix of senior and growth loans with equity upside.

Key features


Build a diverse portfolio of loans to profitable private companies.


Aim is to deliver interest rates of 10% – 12% per annum.


There are no fees to pay for using the Private Debt Portfolio Service.

Private Debt Portfolio Service

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