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Private COMPANY investing simplified

Direct investment into private companies with no fees for investors

We offer investors easy access to established and profitable private companies with the choice of growth equity or high-yield lending. Investors can benefit from a range of tax reliefs, including EIS, Business Relief, Investors’ Relief, or tax-efficient ways to invest such as the Rockpool IFISA and the Rockpool SIPP. Our investment team spend thousands of hours conducting thorough due diligence on every investment opportunity and negotiating the best terms for investors. Throughout the investment term, we offer transparency to investors by reporting on a quarterly basis. These reports are available at any time on our online platform.

Investing in private companies may not be suitable for you. Private company investments are not ready realisable and you may not be able to sell your investments when you wish to.

Why you should invest with Rockpool


Visibility on when and where your money is invested and regular reports on each portfolio company.


Choose each investment individually or instruct us to make an automatic allocation.


No fees for investors. Each borrower pays Rockpool an arrangement fee at completion of the relevant investment,

our strategy

Our team of investment experts seek out established businesses and conduct thorough due diligence to offer great value for investors without the risk levels of start-ups. To become part of our portfolio, a company must have a proven business model, an experienced management team and annual revenues of £5m-£30m.
This sort of investment does not provide a reliable source of income. Past performance is not a reliable guide to the future.








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