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Great British Botanical, a manufacturer of premium greenhouses and glasshouses, became part of our transformer portfolio in 2017.


We believe that private companies are an essential asset class that can add diversity and create greater value to a broader portfolio. As returns on traditional assets have been squeezed, alternatives such as property, infrastructure and private equity have attracted increasing investor support. Private companies offer attractive returns with low correlation to traditional asset classes.


We focus on profitable and growing companies that are still under the radar of mainstream private equity funds. We make it easy to build a portfolio of these transformer companies through our Private Company Portfolio Service. We’re flexible in our approach and work with financial advisers, wealth managers, family offices, private banks and directly with our network of investors.

Risk warning

Your capital will be at risk and there is no guarantee of any investment return. The value of investments may go down and you could lose all of your investment. Private company investments are not listed on any market and this means that you may not be able to sell them when you want to do so. This sort of investment does not provide a reliable source of income. The tax benefits of private company investing depend on your personal circumstances and on compliance with the relevant rules. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. We do not provide investment, tax or legal advice.

Key benefits


We offer a choice of lending or equity and tax-efficient ways to invest. You can also use a SIPP or a SSAS or a family investment company to access private company investments.

Wealth Planning

Private companies offer unique opportunities for inter-generational wealth planning. The whole of your private company portfolio can be exempt from inheritance tax, with the freedom to pass on wealth in your own time.

Uniquely engaging

We provide quarterly reports on each company for investors and advisers – offering an unusual level of insight This ensures a more engaging relationship with your money.

Our Strategy – Focus on transformer companies

Our team of investment experts seek out profitable and growing businesses which offer great value for investors without the risk levels of start-ups. They undertake thorough due diligence, delving into every detail of the business. To become part of our portfolio, a company must have a proven business model, an experienced management team and annual revenues of £5m-£30m. Not large enough to attract traditional private equity funds or strategic buyers, these transformer companies are ready to embark on the journey to get there. They just need patient capital and some help to professionalise.








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