EIS tax reliefs

Reduce risk and enhance returns with the Enterprise Investment Scheme

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HMRC approved tax reliefs

Most of our equity investments qualify under the Enterprise Investment Scheme and benefit from the powerful range of EIS tax reliefs including:

  •  30% cashback against your income tax bill
  • 100% exemption from Inheritance Tax after two years
  • 100% deferral of capital gains on any asset in the last three years
  • Loss relief

Building a diversified portfolio will help mitigate the risk involved and, with EIS tax reliefs, you could offset any loss against your income tax bill, reducing your real risk by about 50%.

What type of companies qualify for EIS?  

You don’t need to back risky start-ups. You can invest in profitable companies with experienced management teams whose knowledge and skills will fuel the growth of the business.

But if like most people you don’t feel you have the time or experience to seek out these companies, tap into Rockpool’s knowledge by registering to receive details of  the companies we are investing in.

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