Raising Finance

Raising Finance

If you would like us to consider an investment proposal, please email a business plan or executive summary to team@rockpool.uk.com.

Built on a network of successful entrepreneurs, our business is informed by the insights of experienced individuals who can relate to the needs of companies seeking to raise finance. Much of our funding comes directly from these individuals, so they really care about the companies we invest in. That means our portfolio companies can draw on expertise and contacts that just wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. It also frees us from the constraints of a fund, so we can put all our weight behind the best opportunities.

Our approach is open and friendly. We want to boost the success of entrepreneurial managers, not to run businesses ourselves. To us, every entrepreneur is a Rockpool Network Member in the making. If we can help you build capital in your own business, you may one day be investing with us in the success of others.

We work closely with professional advisers to identify and support the best growing companies. We value the personal relationships between advisers and their clients and we believe that experienced corporate finance professionals can help us shorten the investment process and maximise long-term shareholder value.

What we look for

What we look for

We invest £2-5 million in UK-managed businesses across a wide range of sectors. We have a strong preference to invest in profitable businesses, but we can back young businesses and turnrounds where we see a clear route to profitability.

Development Capital: our investment can be used to fuel rapid organic growth or to support a strategic acquisition.

Equity Release: we help business owners to diversify their wealth, enabling management shareholders to realise part of their capital whilst continuing to drive the business forward.

Management Buy-outs: we support the outright purchase of a business by its management team.

Projects: we provide structured finance for infrastructure projects, including local energy generation and PFI-style projects.

Lending: we fill gaps left by the retrenchment of bank finance.

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