Investment choices

We offer lending and equity investments. You can let us build your portfolio for you or you can pick each opportunity that interests you. Most of our investment opportunities can be combined with attractive tax reliefs to reduce risk and enhance returns.

As you build your private company portfolio, you will always know where and when your money is invested. You will receive regular reports on each company you invest in and online access to all your transactions and valuations. With no fees to pay, we aim to offer great value to our investors.

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  • Growth Equity

    Investment into well-established businesses aiming to grow rapidly and deliver capital gains for investors of around 300% over a 5-year period.
  • Lending

    Lending against freehold property or other tangible asset security, this strategy will appeal to investors seeking attractive rates of interest over a 1-3 year term.
  • Lending

    Lending to private companies offers the opportunity for high yields