Why we’re different

Rockpool offers a transparent and flexible route to invest in private companies with clear visibility on where and when your money is invested. Unlike traditional funds, we don’t charge investors any fees.

You can enjoy all the freedom of direct investing but with the professional support of our dedicated investment team.

We are flexible

You can choose to build a bespoke portfolio via our Self-select Service, or let us build your portfolio in line with your chosen diversity and risk profile via our Auto-select Service. Minimum investment for our Self-select Service is £10,000 per company. Minimum investment for our Auto-select Service is £10,000 per application with a minimum of £2,500 per company.

We are thorough

We find profitable private companies with room for growth, carry out thorough due diligence and negotiate the best terms for investors. Our investors offer us insight from their own experience to help sharpen this process.

We are transparent

We invite investors to meet the management teams of the companies at our Open House events. We also record interviews where management answer the questions that investors raise. Investors have access to the full investment details, the recordings and reports via our on-line platform.

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