Join the Rockpool Network
Create your own private company portfolio and meet with other successful entrepreneurs and business people at our regular events.
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High-quality private companies
With a 27-year profit record and committed management, the Airedale Group is the sort of private company we like to back.
Make the most of tax advantages
Save income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax using the Enterprise Investment Scheme and Business Property Relief or aim for better returns within a SIPP
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Execution-only and discretionary portfolio services
Create a bespoke portfolio of investments using our self-select service option or let us select companies for your portfolio, working within an agreed investment strategy.
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Powerful connections
Directorbank gives Rockpool access to a network of high-calibre board directors, who can help analyse opportunities and strengthen portfolio company boards.


Rockpool Investments

Rockpool has wide experience and powerful connections. Our senior partners have been investing in private companies for over 20 years. The Rockpool Network includes over 200 successful entrepreneurs and senior professionals, whose experience and contacts help to shape our investment programme.

We focus on investments in profitable private companies based in the UK. Some offer asset-backing and attractive yields, others are selected for their growth prospects. We support organic growth, acquisitions, management buy-outs, equity release transactions, infrastructure and construction projects, typically investing £2-5 million in each company.

For investors, we offer flexibility and transparency. Investors in the Rockpool Network and our Self-select portfolio service can select just those companies that fit their own investment strategy. To support their choice, we carry out a full due diligence investigation of each company and make our findings available to investors.  Investors who are new to private company investing or prefer not to look at each opportunity can choose our Discretionary portfolio service. Everyone gets access to the same high quality companies and invests on the same terms.

Tax-efficient Private Equity

Our investment opportunities often feature attractive tax breaks, saving income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax. These reliefs are sanctioned by HMRC and include the Enterprise Investment Scheme, Business Property Relief and Business Investment Relief. Investments can also be made through SIPPs and personal companies.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (‘EIS’) offers a surprisingly attractive package of tax reliefs. Each investor can save up to £300,000 of income tax each year, realise profits free of capital gains tax and defer CGT on the sale of listed shares, a second home or any other asset. EIS investments also generally fall outside one’s estate for inheritance tax purposes. To find out more please visit our EIS Guide.

Business Property Relief (‘BPR’) offers exemption from inheritance tax without having to give away assets or compromise investment returns. The full value of qualifying investments, including growth during one’s lifetime, is ignored when the inheritance tax liability is calculated. Lower risk investments, backed for example by secured lending, can be eligible for this relief.

Business Investment Relief (‘BIR’) is a new addition to the range of reliefs available for private company investors. For investors taxed on the remittance basis, BIR removes the need to pay tax when bringing funds into the UK. A range of investments from equity to loans are eligible for this relief.

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